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- Note 6/1/24:  I'm currently holding off setting up new appointments. My schedule has become fuller than I like. I plan to open my book back up in a few months. I'll make an updated note on this page when I plan to start scheduling again.  Thanks, Jeff

Hours: Tues.- Sat. 12PM-8PM


In his youth Jeff found his passions fell in art, skateboarding, and playing the drums. He studied art and photography at York College. After hanging out in tattoo shops thru his teenage years he realized his dreams of becoming a tattoo artist after teaming up with Ryan at Vivid Skin Tattoo Studio. Jeff has been an integral part of the shop's success.

He has immersed himself in gaining knowledge of the industry. Jeff's artistic approach to tattooing is evident in his work. Creative custom designs fill his portfolio. As a member of VST he encapsulates the professionalism and work ethic that the studio strives to achieve.

He spends much of his free time fine tuning his craft. Spending countless hours drawing and painting. Custom drawn american traditional, asian traditional, and neo traditional tattoo designs line his room at the shop ready for a lucky customer to choose for their next amazing piece of body art.

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