Our Tattoo Artists work by Appointment

The following steps are how we like to go about setting up our appointments for tattoo projects.

1- Checkout our Artists' Portfolios and Bios. After you find the artist that you'd like to work with, send them a message using their preferred contact method. Our preferred contacts are email.

2- In your message include specifics about your project... color or black and gray, size, placement, and any reference images that you may have.

3- Also include a time that works good for you to stop by for a 30minute consultation. We prefer to schedule consults so that we can plan them around our tattoo sessions. This allows for less interruptions while tattoo sessions are in progress.During the consultation the Artist will go over all of the details, pricing, and scheduling of your project. (Pricing is best done in person during a scheduled consultation. We prefer not to try to price tattoos through messages, emails, or over the phone.)

A cash deposit is taken to hold the times in our schedules. A normal deposit is $100. Deposits will then come off the total upon completing the tattoo. (Our Artists base their pricing on the standard rate for our area, South Central PA, of $150 per hour while tattooing.)

The Artist will then get back to you with how they like to proceed from there. We do our best to get back to everyone in a timely manner, usually within 24-72hrs.

Our Tattoo Artists stay very busy. While we consider every project, our Artists are selective towards the projects that they take on. Thank you for your understanding towards this process. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on creating an epic tattoo.

*Please provide us with a minimum of 48hrs notice if you need to reschedule. Any rescheduling done in less than 48hrs will forfeit the deposit and require another deposit to be made for the newly scheduled appointment. (Deposits are non-refundable.)

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Our Appointment Process

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