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Hours- Tues.,Wed.,Fri., and Sat.: 1pm-9pm

Personal Website: www.trkaltreider.com

Tyler’s body of work primarily focuses on oil painting, tattooing and instillation art that explores the surreal and the symbol. Comfortable tattooing in any style, Tyler prefers to focus on dot work and bold & fine line black work tattoos. Tyler’s Paintings and Installations are often figurative in nature, and explore metaphor and the subconscious.

Identified as a gifted but also having a severe learning disability around age eleven Tyler had a complicated relationship with the education system, a fact that is sometimes still evident in his work. Tyler attended prestigious preparatory schools only to drop out of high school shortly before graduation. Tyler went on to study film and theater arts at MSU Bozeman and directing and cinematography at UCLA, never earning a degree. A natural autodidact Tyler has traveled the world studying and working in the arts.

In 2007 Tyler shifted his focus from a career in the commercial television industry to fine art with a number of shows around the Los Angeles area. In 2009 Tyler moved back to York, Pa where he has developed his studio practice and collaborated with galleries and museums on prestigious exhibitions of paintings and installations around the country. In 2013 Tyler picked up some machines and took his long time love of tattooing to the next level. Tyler found an apprenticeship and began work at a traditional street shop in Mechanicsburg, PA. Now Tyler continues to make art in his studio and tattoo custom work at York’s premier tattoo studio Vivid Skin Tattoo.