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I am a ninety-year-old trapped in a young woman’s body. Call me Benjamin Button. I have always had an interest in tattooing. I view tattoos like stickers and I am a 2007 Toyota Corolla who is trying to hide the scratches on my driver’s side door. I got my first tattoo when I was 16 from Tyler and we continued to work together in the following years. We began a large body piece together and that was when I had the bright idea to hint to Tyler that I wanted to be a tattooer and Bada Bing! Bada Boom! I landed myself a one-way ticket to being an apprentice under Tyler at Vivid Skin. 

My interest in art has been a lifelong one. I was talentless, however, throughout most of my grade school days until one miraculous Tuesday afternoon my senior year when something clicked. I picked up my paintbrush and managed to lay out the best goddamn Van Gogh master copy that I have ever seen. My apprenticeship allows me to continue my art education in probably, one of the coolest ways ever. 

Blackwork, dot-work, and American traditional are my preferred styles but I would love to explore different styles. My life is short and meaningless but at least it’s fun. 😎 

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