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Contact- ashley@vividskintattoo.com

Hours- Sun., Mon.,Tues.,Thurs.,Sat.:1pm-7pm

(Ashley can possibly be flexible with her hours to meet your needs. Ask her thru email.)

(Ashley is currently building up her portfolio by doing Tattoos at 'Great Rates'. Send her an email or stop by to find out how she can get you hooked up. Get in with her now while these rates last.)

Ashley Hamilton is a Baltimore born artist working in York, PA. Always having had an artistic streak, she attended a performing arts school for dance as well as fine arts. While working as a graphic designer, she continued to build her collection of personal tattoos and fell in love with the art-form. 

For the next 5 years, she would actively pursue her art and tattoo apprenticeship. Since joining the VST team, she has been able to learn under Ryan Errickson and begin her career as a full time artist. If it's strange, colorful, or related to pop culture, she is your gal. 

Favorite things are dogs, Fleetwood Mac, Star Wars, 90s cartoons and true crime novels. 

Favorite artists are Mike Rubendall, Fran Massino, and Dave Kruseman.

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